Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Planning Jamie's Birthday Party...

Just browsed the different types of cupcakes available.

Wow.. Wow... Wow... Nowadays it's really profitable to make money from kids' events. I finally found something affordable, value for money and looks really nice but sad to say, they have a full schedule on that weekend.

Still thinking about the timing for Jamie's birthday party. Tentatively, it should be on 7 nov 12pm to 3pm or 6 nov in the evening from 5pm to 8pm. It seems that having it during lunchtime is a better choice. And yes, I am still thinking about the venue.

Everything is really not cheap. And many said children of 1 year old hardly remember their birthday party anyway. However, I know there is bound to be some minimum things I will like to do for Jamie...especially now that I finally have some income...

Sighh, sometimes I felt like a useless Mummy who needs to think so hard to decide on what to buy or do for Jamie. I very much wish that I need not have to think so hard... And can give or do whatever I can to or for Jamie...

To make that possible, I must work hard and save hard~~~

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