Friday, July 2, 2010

First Day as a Working Mother...

When Pyone told me Jamie missed me a lot today and was crying for me in the afternoon, my heart really hurts. But I know I need to work still. I kept reminding myself and Jamie that it's for our own good that I work.

Frankly I enjoyed my first day at work today!!! And I am looking forward to more new tasks and more new things to learn everyday too!

It makes me feel good to be back at a work station and feeling useful to an Organization once again. I think it is very hard for someone has been working since she graduated to really stop working and be a Stay-at-Home Mother. Maybe some women do enjoy staying home and spending 24hrs with their children. But I know after a few months of motherhood, that it is just not me. Even if I am not working full time, I will need my personal time too! I need to meet my friends, go for ladies night out and do my massages/facials or just go shopping alone. I used to be afraid of being alone when I was single, but after I was married and now with Jamie, I really appreciate and treasure every bit of lonely time I have. Sometimes, I wish I can have more lonely time even.

I do miss Jamie and I feel that I appreciate her even more now that I cannot see her so often. I really hope she feels the same too, and not drifted away from me instead. I promised her I will find time to bring her out or even get her to participate in my workplace events especially when she is older.

I had never missed her so much. I practically flew my way home wishing to see her ASAP...I hope to decorate my work station with more of Jamie's photos soon. And Jamie was soo sweet when she saw me! She wants me to hug her all night!!! And guess what, she even woke up early enough to receive a super kiss from me before I set off to work. And tonight she slept early too. Maybe she wishes to receive a hug from me tomorrow morning too.

And yes, I am slowly bringing all my barang barang to work. Feeling very at home already :) The colleagues are really nice. Even helped us to make orange juice for lunch! So nice of them!!! And since lunch is provided so it's really enjoyable to sit around at the table together to eat and chat at the same time. Yeah, no need to squeeze and sweat at the eateries. We can eat in peace at our own pantry.

And we have so many things in the pantry that we will never go hungry. Think we need to be really discipline so as not to put on too much weight. I remember I put on like 4-6kg the last time I worked here. So I really need to discipline myself.

Since we have microwave, steamer, induction stove, juicer, toaster/oven etc etc etc, we can cook anytime we like too! So Cool right!

Really looking forward to grow old in this Organization!

Jiayou Jiayou Jiayou Jolene~!!!

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