Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Lucius Korkor...

Biography by Jamie...

Thank you Lucius korkor for inviting Mummy and me to your One Year Old Birthday Party on 17 July 2010. I enjoyed myself so much!

Thank you Mummy for buying me the pretty pretty dress for Lucius korkor birthday! I think I look like the cutest baby at the function, other than Lucius korkor :P

See how sweet I look :D

(yes, Jamie is really so so so vain~!!!)

I love the big portable pool you have which you filled up with balls. Heehee, the balls looked so yummy that I thought they were apples...

I love the purple balloon which Aunty Ivy gave to me :D She is so pretty! Lucius korkor is a lucky boy to have such a pretty mummy!!!

I love your very pretty and delicious looking cake and cupcakes! Though I am still too small to have a bite but they really look so yummy!!! Mummy also told me they tasted great and she can't helped it but eat more of the mini cupcakes~!!!

And I heard Mummy said that she will like to get me pretty mini cupcakes for my birthday too! Hurray! I love Mummy so much!!!

I love the decorations too. And of coz the yummy goodie bags and the cute softoys Aunty Ivy prepared for Lucius's korkor's buddies. I am so proud to be one of Lucius korkor's buddies~!!!

Heehee, I also love the fried rice and califlower which Mummy fed me :D Yummy Yummy...

Last but not least, it's great that I can go for a swim after the party with Mummy, Aunty Sandra and Uncle Fuwei~~~ They are always so sporty and I am really looking forward to Alvern didi to swim with me often :D

Mummy told me a few days ago as she packed my old clothes away, that those are to be given to Alvern didi. I must say I am kinda of jealous but then I really can't wear those clothes already anyway. And it's best that Alvern didi can make full use :) But I am secretly hoping, some Aunty will give me a little sister instead soon, so I can give my clothes to her :D


I have to say it was really a big big effort to plan for a baby's first year party. First of all, the babies are at the not-here-nor-there age group, hence most of the time, they won't know what is actually going on. And in many cases, the babies may end up being overwhelmed to see so many new faces in one day.

There are so many factors to keep in mind:
1. Theme/Dress Code
2. Location and Timing
3. Targtted group - all relatives? Friends with kids? Average age group of the kids?
4. Number of guests
5. Door gifts? - for adults
6. Kid goodies bag - suitable for all ages
7. photography (and videographer)
8. Invitation Cards
9. Birthday Cake
10. Deco and Cutleries
11. Any Photo/Video Montage of Baby?
12. Songs for the occasions?
13. Activities for the children?
14. Catering
15. Types of gifts preferred?

Hence, I really have to say this: Ivy, you did a great job :D You are a great Mummy~!!! And as always, you are my positive role model :)

Wishing you happy always from now onwards.. And Wish Lucius always healthy, happy and filial to you :) We will always stand by you and Lucius k?

Love you and Lucius very much~!!!


Jamie: Aunty Ivy and Lucius korkor, I love you very much too :D MUACKZ~!!!

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