Monday, July 12, 2010

Jamie is a big girl now... Happy 8mths old to Jamie ^^

Yes, Jamie is a BIG girl now. She can now sit upright on her own and she had tried many new food. She is a very adventurous girl when it comes to new food and she never hesitate to have a taste of the new food if she is given the choice.

She had tried the following for the last 1 mth.
- cheese
- grapes
- strawberries
- kiwi
- honeydew
- baby yogurt

And she is having a balance diet with two solid food meals a day and milk 3-4 times a day. She gets to eat fruits after each meal too. Wow... She really can eat quite a bit.

Occasionally she gets to steal some rice, some bread (wholemeal white bread), some baby biscuits too... We didn't really control what she can or cannot eat, but simply just let her try. And if there was no sign of allegy, then we will continue with the food.

Tomorrow we are going to let her try egg yolk. Lets hope she doesn't have allergies to egg.

Let's take a look at how mature she has become...

Went shopping with Jamie last Sunday and bought the high chair in the photo, and a playpen mattress which made Jamie's playpen very much more comfy. Now she can sit and sleep in the playpen for a longer period of time.

Noticed her cute little sunglasses? I forgot to bring out her hat and hence bought the sunglasses for her when she had to be under the sun for a while. Isn't it cute?!!

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