Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy 2 months old to Jamie~!!

Jamie is two months old officially from yesterday!!!

She is very much behaving like a big baby now and can even pose to the camera~!!! Each time I told her to give a smiley face, she will give a wide smile or wink at me~!!! Hahaha... I wonder if its coincidental~ But take a look at the cute poses she gave me when I took her photos since after her first month celebration ^^

See how much she has changed over the 2 months :)


I really enjoy interacting with Jamie :) And I think I will miss her when I am back at work :( And maybe all the training I gave her will be gone to waste too :( Sob... Lately we had been 'communicating' well. And whenever Jamie struggles in a way I cannot comprehend, I will ask her 'what's wrong with Jamie? can jamie tell mummy what she wants?' Then Jamie will response in a way as if hinting me what she wants. Then I will ask if she wants milk, water, sleepy, change diaper or just a hug... then each time I 'hit the jackpot' she will either wink at me or give me a smile. Hence I will then know what she wants. Hahaha... sounds ridiculous to some, but then it works~!!!

And whenever I need Jamie to wait for me to prepare water for her to bath or milk or water, I will tell her nicely that mummy will do XXX so hope she can wait patiently and mummy will be back right away. She will somehow wait patiently.

Nowdays she sleeps with us on the big bed at night and in her cot in the daytime. It seems that she knows which is which. And hence when night time comes when we try to place her into her cot, she will make noise and indicate it's not where she should be sleeping. And when we put her in her usual position on the big bed, she will give the very happy smile. And she likes us to sleep with her too after her last feed. She will make noise and I have to pack my things and tell her mummy will be sleeping with her, then she happily gets tug into the blanket and wait for me to come over and sleeps with her.

In the morning, she will look at me and 'call' me but if I can't hear her 'calling', she will use her hands to touch my face to ask me to wake up to prepare her milk for her. So cute... And each time I give her kisses on her forehead and hands, she will smile like a little flower. Think she knows mummy loves her alot ^^

I trained her to love bathing and to treat it like a playtime. I always tell her its playing water time!!! And she always kicks happily in the bathtub...

Take a look at some photos I take during her bath time. See how happy she looks :)

And I think Jamie is gettin sticker to me each day... I fear I will cry when I have to go back to work :( And can't wait to rush home to see Jamie everyday~~~

Was at my mum's house yesterday and glad she was quite proud of me that I am taking good care of Jamie. Initially when I left her home to go back to my inlaw house after my confinement, she was worried whenever I can handle Jamie on my own. I guess I was not confident of what I am capable of too.

But it turns out, 1 mth down the road, I am enjoying myself very much and believe will continue to enjoy myself :) And I think I am doing not a bad job too, washing baby clothes myself, feeding, bathing, cleaning etc. And I am looking forward to cooking her food when she is 4 mths old~!!!

Hee, my niece is getting prettier as her hair grows longer and thicker. See how cute she is and how much she loves seeing her little cousin (though she still gets jealous) :) Even Jamie knows how to be jealous too whenever she hears me said Clarisse is cute and smart... hahaha... It's really cute to hear Jamie and Clarisse baby talking to each other to get my attention. Heehee...

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