Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 x 0.5 days 'off days' this week...


At last I can go for the remaining 5 sessions of Post-Natal Massages!!! But this time, I will need to go to the studio itself. I chose the one at Liang Seah street because of their availability. I arranged for a 5 days intensive Massage sessions for this week!

But because of the schedule (only have 3pm slots), Laogong and I discussed and made arrangement for Jamie to follow Laogong to school on Mon and Friday, my mum to help me on Thurs and I will bring Jamie to the spa on Tues and Wed!

In this case, it means I can have have 3 days of 0.5 days off from Jamie!!! Thank you Laogong~!!! I guess he must have realised how deprived I had felt and how uptight I had become stuck at home with Jamie. So sweet of him~!!!

I remember how he insisted I should go for a chill out with his reservist friends last Friday to Lunar and how upset he was to have to lug Jamie for our shopping trip on Saturday and how happy he was to be able to watch 'Daybreaker' without Jamie on Sunday. We even get to visit the Half-finished IR in Sentosa~

I guess he too need a breather too... As much as we love to have Jamie around, but we definitely need some life back... and not crippled ourselves because of Jamie...

Laogong suggested putting Jamie into infant care before I get a full time job after he saw how happy I was yesterday after my massage, shopping and makan with a friend. I felt recharged~!!!

And Jamie was such a sweet little darling when I whispered 'Mummy is home' and gave her a kiss on the forehead while she was sleeping when I returned home. She woke up in 5min and 'cried' for me. She gave me this very poor thing look to show how much she missed me~

This is really the joy of having a baby.. to feel needed...

But of coz, we must not forget to pamper ourselves when need to too. And most importantly, never to excuse yourself from exercises or to bring fat or lazy to put on makeup after delivery. Many will say, what's the point since we are already obasans... but then, it's our mindset that decides are we going to be a pretty and sexy obasan or a yellow-faced obasan..

Hence I am looking forward to be back in shape again!!! I measured my weight at the spa yesterday.. 57.2kg... with BMI of 22.9 and fats of 30 units... it's like a hopeless case for me, I had never been so fat before. Looking at myself in the mirror everyday was a torture... I even became paranoid, about others' harmless comments and started to worry when my Laogong stayed out late with friends or for work. I told myself I must pick myself up again and to look pretty and attractive once again~!!! Only then, I can have my life back and feel really blissful as a mummy :)

Jiayou Jolene!!! And all the mummies out there!!! Jiayou~!!!

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