Friday, January 15, 2010

Can't Help Falling in Love with You... My Lovely Jamie...

though sometimes I do feel very deprived...

I no longer:
1. Able to do what I like during the daytime (compared to when I was pregnant), because Jamie is getting stickier these days. She needs to be carried the whole of today and refused to sleep on her own. She is so insecure... :(
2. Eat in peace when we go out with baby. We have to take turn to eat instead of enjoy what we eat.
3. Able to watch a movie if we go out with baby. I don't mind to bring baby into a cinema if the management doesn't mind :P

and many more...

however I don't regret having my baby girl...instead I am falling very deeply in love with her each day...

I love the way she touches my face every morning when she wakes up.
I love the way she calls for me when she wants a hug.
I love the way she needs me to be by her side to accompany her to sleep every nite.
I love the way she stretches out her hands to ask me to hug her when I come back from viewings.
I love the way she lies in my arms asleep very contentedly.
I love the way she feels safe when I hug her when she has nightmares.
I love the way she is having fun playing with water when she baths.
I love the way she smiles when she is happy.

I love everything about her...!!!

Makes me forget how deprived I am ;P I guess that's what all mummies feel :)

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