Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 10th Year Anniversary

It's another very happening and 'busy' weekends for us~!!!

9th Jan 2010 was my 10th year together with my hubby~ Time really flies right? I still remember our first date and we had been together for 10 years already~!!!

Was really great we are still celebrating our together anniversary every year :) And we had been buying useful presents for each other all these years.

Since I bought my new iphone, my hubby had been very fascinated by the fast speed compared to his 2G iphone. And since I will be recontracting my phoneline, I decided to buy him a new 3GS iphone for the anniversary ^^

It was a very busy day for us on the 9th. I went to the gynae in the morning and got home at about 10.30am. I then told laogong (preferred to call him that though I know it sounds mushy on the blog :P) what I wish to get for him. He then told me he had initially wanted to pay for my iphone, but I was being 'funny' coz I wanted to reward myself for my hard work (for delivering Jamie...hahaha...) Hence, now that I was going to buy him a new iphone, he will wish to rebate what I paid for mine too. And hence, for our anniversary this year, we bought iphones for each other~!!!

Jamie seemed to know that we were bring her out. After I dressed her up, I went on to prepare the items to bring out. She then waited patiently in her rocker and took a nap too.

First we had lunch at Mcdonald in AMK. Yeah!! We had my favourite twister fries and we bought two cute new toys for Jamie... See how she 'posed' with her new toys~!!!

We went to laogong's school first to settle his admin work. He will be going for reservist on Monday and hence need to submit a leave form. As he was busy with his work, I fed Jamie her milk and took snaps of his workplace.

After which, we headed towards PS and recontract my phoneline and bought a new iPhone~!!! Take a look at our iPhones with their distinctive casings~!!!

After that, we bought dinner home. We had dinner before we left for our movie - Sherlock Holmes without Jamie.

The movie is really great~!!! I like Sherlock Holmes wittiness and observant personalities!!! Will like to be like him if I can :D


Today was another busy day for us.

We visited a friend cum potential seller or/and buyer. He has a 6.5 months old little boy and the boy is really cute! He is already learning how to walk in his walker~!!! Wow... so fast~

His house is in good condition and I believe can fetch a good price in the market. However, will have to wait for his final decision before we proceed.

We then went to Jurong Point Ichiban for our lunch. Yummy~!!! Had not bad sushi since I delivered... Yummy~!!! Will never get sick of sushi and sashimi~!!! Hohoho... Jio me for Sashimi buffet next time ^^

After lunch, we visited Joey who lived in Jurong West as well. Wow~ I had always wanted to visit Joey and finally I managed to visit her today~ So happy :D

Her house is very pretty and we like the cosy theme very much :) So did Jamie, she had a good nap on Joey's bed ^^

Hee, see pretty Jamie in her pretty yellow dress today...

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