Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Counting down to Baby's 3rd month on earth

Time really flies...

Jamie is going to be 3 months really soon ^^

And she will be celebrating her first Chinese New Year...

Just changed her milk bottles' teats and she is adjusting to it slowly. Sometimes she will choke on her milk and sometimes she will overfeed herself because the milk flow was faster. Sighh... and she just puked this morning coz of that :( Flooded her pillow and my bedsheet...

Poor Jamie... I hope she will be alright when she is in infant care.

Just made a call to the Sunny Bunny Infant Care Montessori just few blocks away from our inlaw's house. It is the nearest Infant Care to our inlaw's house but also the most expensive. It will cost us $700 after government subsidy of $600.

Somehow I had this feeling, my girl is going to be the youngest infant there. I hope this also means extra attention for her. Will take a look at the infant care centre tomorrow afternoon. And give Jamie a trial period there for 2 weeks. If everything is okay, then she may start her 'schooling' soon.

Sometimes I look at this 'princess' at home and wonder if she will cry her lungs out at the infant care since she won't be able to get as much attention as you can when she is at home. Sighh, but I guess in a way, it will be good for her, coz she will then learn to self-entertain herself, be more disciplined and also more independent. That's most of the time, the issue when staying with the grandparents :X

Sighh.. really hope there is another option for me regarding the caretaking of my girl :( I will definitely hope there will be someone in the family who can help me caretake her... preferably my mother. And I know she feels very sad now that she is old and can't handle two children (my baby and my niece) at the same time.

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