Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekly Dates with Ivy

Really enjoy the weekly dates I am having with Ivy these days :D

It was always hard to catch up with each other due to our baby commitments. Now that our little ones are older, we can actually have more time for ourselves.

At this modern age, there are not that many Stay at Home Mummies already and hence it's a blessing that we have each other as a mini support group. I still remember the days when we spent together waiting for our partners to come back home from work. If not for her, I will be bored to death at home alone during pregnancy and before I started working. If not for her, I will have an emotional breakdown after feeling so burnt out with the baby, before my helper arrived. Thanks to her, I learnt about how to plan my wedding, how to plan my baby and how to apply for my helper. She has always been my 'mentor' in many ways. And she has always been so independent and helpful.

Now I wish to be there for her always :)

Looking forward to our next weekly date.

And many many more weekly dates together :D

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