Monday, May 24, 2010

Jamie hates Broccoli...

Jamie had her first greens yesterday.

I was wondering which to try first and decided on broccoli. Guess I made the wrong choice because I realized only after I attempted giving Jamie broccoli, that it is one of the most hated vegetables by babies :P


Guess Jamie is just a normal baby too who hates Broccoli...

I blended broccoli and added into her porridge with her other favourites like salon and potato... And my smart little girl could spot that tingling taste of the greens.

At first, I did not know what was she trying to do by waving her hands in the air and giving me that 'Yucks' look, yet eating more of the porridge.

After a while, I finally understand that she loves the fish and potato but could not comprehend that additional 'weird' taste in her food. She started to wave more angrily at her food...

I decided to negotiate with her to finish her porridge by showing her a piece of her favourite carrot-favoured baby bites and saying that if she finished her porridge, she can have her biscuits for being a good girl... She took the deal and finished 3/4 of her food but no more than that. I had to reward her anyhow because she did kept majority of her 'promise'. She looked really happy as she ate her biscuit.

But things were abit wrong at night. I was not around due to work when Pyone fed Jamie her porridge with broccoli.

And no one seems to know what Jamie wants to. I guess she will eat her food if we gave her another biscuit. But then she may not give in this time either.

When I reached home, I was shocked to know that Jamie vomited all her dinner out in protest, dirtying the rocker. It showed how angry she was.

I had to give her a talk and counsel session when I got home. She had refused to drink her milk too after her vomit tantrum... No one else could get her to do anything they want her to do.

But my little girl was such a dear when she saw Mummy is home and wanted Mummy to sayang her. I decided to coax Jamie to have her dinner. I asked Pyone to warm up the porridge and put in her favourite pumpkin, potato and fish. While Pyone was warming up the food, I carried Jamie and stood and watched. I told her she was going to have her favourite food and she has to eat before she gets hungry later at night.

She did. She finished the huge bowl of porridge.

I guess as Jamie grows up, she showed not only preference in her food, but also seems to be understand more human language.

I remember I was at the zoo and Pyone was feeding Jamie milk when it was time for her lunch porridge. Jamie showed signs of her preference in having her porridge instead of milk. I told her we are outside so we can't have porridge now but she can have her porridge when we go home later. But first she must finish her milk so she won't go hungry before she gets home. After the negotiation session, Jamie finished the bottle of milk.

I think I really love being a mother ^^

And I hope Jamie loves having a Mummy who 'understands' what she was trying to 'say'...

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