Monday, May 24, 2010

Jamie has her first tooth~!!!

Was so worried when Jamie was suddenly down with a slight fever this afternoon. I was glad I decided to cancel my appointment and stayed home for her.

I gave her panadol and she finally get some sleep in the evening.

She had rejected her afternoon milk. And I didn't understand why. I decided to feed her from a spoon instead and she drank it.

Hmmm.. I wonder if it had anything to do with her teething then.

At night, she woke up and finished up her porridge as usual. Played a while before it was time to rest again. I gave her medicine in case her fever came back during the night.

Then out of curiosity, I rubbed my finger on her gum and felt... something SHARP..

OMG~!!! That's Jamie first tooth?!!

I got really excited and showed Jamie my teeth and told her she now has a tooth too. She started to chew her toy rabbit furiously as if in rejoice...

But then after a while, she got really uncomfy and cried.

I let her played awhile on my lap before patted her to sleep again.

Poor Jamie struggled on the bed for a while before she finally dozed off...

I really hope this is not the beginning of more teething discomfort :(

Nevertheless, I am proud that Jamie has her first tooth now :D

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