Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting Started.. with Work

Finally I am getting started with my work.

A friend asked if I or Jamie suffered separation anxiety.


Remember I mentioned that Jamie was not able NOT TO SEE me at all, even for a couple of hours. But then things got better when she got used to my new helper. But since I returned from my 1D1N JB retreat, she displayed her preference for me again.

I am of coz happy to feel needed but I am curious why so again? Hmmm, maybe not being able to see me for a full day and night had made her more insecure and was worried I don't love her as before? Maybe... But I definitely miss her alot too whenever I don't see her. I have this photo of Jamie in my iPhone and whenever I looked at it, I really miss Jamie. And wish I could just fly home immediately...

But guess, to ensure financial comfort, we really need dual income. Good thing is my working hours is still rather flexible and I had not entered the ultra busy period yet.

Was busy for last few days and managed to close one room rental deal. Small deal but first one since I joined my friend in DTZ. Hence really happy about it :) It was a morale booster!!!

But I realized having stopped working for almost a year, I had become a rather shy person. Well, I believe it will only take a while for me to brush up my social skills again and soon I will be gliding through humans again :)

Jiayou Jiayou Jiayou!!!

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