Sunday, February 28, 2010

A New Surprise Everyday...

Hmmm.. I guess I can call myself a SAHM (Stay At Home Mummy) for now :P Coz I had not been working full time since April 2009~!!! Heehee, okay~ I shall call myself that for now :P It's actually not something EVERYONE can do ^^

Being a SAHM is actually very fun~ And even more fun for my case, since I don't have to do ALL the housework :P I only need to wash baby clothes and take good care of baby ^^ Furthermore, I have a New Surprise Everyday~!!!

Watching Jamie grows up everyday really makes me very happy~ What's more, I create a lot of new possibilities for myself too~ I no longer felt caged up at home, instead I can go out whenever I want to :)

Jamie just learnt a few new stunts~

Since CNY, she was attempting her flips and even more so after her visit to Lucius~!!! At first, she was easily irritated by her own inabilities, but now she seemed so determined to succeed in her flips~

When Jamie was younger, she did not really like the Car Seat but yesterday she looked so ENJOY in her car seat~!!! Woo, she is a BIG GIRL now~!!! Hahaha but she still enjoys snuggling up in my lap while she enjoys her car ride looking at the moving clouds and vehicles...

She had been salivating a lot everyday. Some said she may be growing teeth soon and some said it's just part and parcel of her growth. However, I thought it will be nice to give her a teether to bite. And guess what? She loves it~!!! At first, she had problems aiming the teether into her mouth. But after a few attempts, she did it really well! However, since the teether is made of plastic, hence she sometimes will knock it into her own face. I noticed some reddening on her face and at the side of her mouth. Thus, I believe getting her a aqua-teether will be best~!!!

What's more, she can even sit up quite well~!!! Hahaha, it's so cute watching her sit on daddy's chair when she can't even flip yet :P Heehee...

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