Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Happy Family Day at Laogong Workplace :)

Heehee, some of you must be thinking, How Happy can it be spending your family day at the workplace? But seriously, whether you are happy or not, doesn't depend on where you are, but who you are with. And since we spent the day together as a family, we are very happy ^^

Laogong's school had been selected to be the collection centre on Saturday (27 Feb 2010) for Flag Day. Since he is the teacher-in-charge of the CCA involved in the flag day, hence he has to be on duty. Angela, who was the IC of the collection centre, was also Laogong and my common JC friend. We were chatting on MSN when I found out she was looking for volunteers to help in the event. As I missed doing events very much, in addition to hope to spend time with Laogong, I volunteered myself for the event.

As Jamie missed her daddy very much too, and even protested by staying up till late on Friday night, I thought it will be nice to take it as a Family Day out together. True enough, even though Jamie had to wake up as early as 5.30am on Saturday, she greeted her daddy with a very cheerful and happy smile!

She was also a good girl for the whole day, sleeping in the stroller or carrier after each feed. But of coz, I believed she loved sleeping in the aircon staff welfare lounge the most. Hahaha... See how contented she looked.

Poor Laogong was really tired out the whole day. At least I get to rest on and off because of Jamie. But Laogong had to carry a lot of heavy things and drove around a lot the whole day. Luckily he managed to steal a rest too at the staff lounge before the students reported back at the end of the event.

Jamie was very much the centre of attraction the whole day. Most of the students love her very much and joined in to 'poke' her little cheeks~!!! Angela seemed to enjoy herself as well, doing her duty and having Jamie to entertain her at the same time~ Glad that Jamie was a good sociable girl~!!!

Jamie finally can fit in well into her 2nd hand car seat bought months back. However, I noticed it will be quite irritating for her when the sun is shining right into her face. When I tried to put a cloth over the car seat to shield her from the sun, she actually didn't want it to be there. Hahaha, she really enjoys watching the clouds and cars passed when lying in the moving car.

I came home aching all over and feeling really tired. However, I felt energetic again as I washed Jamie up and cooled her down. She felt so happy after the bath cum
'swimming session' (as I always called it). From a hot and dusty little baby, she had become a cooled and happy little girl :)

Hahaha, but frankly I really wonder if I will be so tired after everyday at work~!!! But I believe, each time I see Jamie greets me with her prettiest smile, I will not feel tired anymore~!!! I love you Jamie~!!!

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