Wednesday, February 10, 2010

成长, 成长, 我已成长~!!!



一天天,看着可萱长大,想想我很快也要去上班了,心里很是不舍. 虽燃常常埋怨没法象以前一样要什么时候出门就出门,甚至有几次还意气用事地说后悔这么早就生宝宝,但是我自己深知没有人比我更爱她...


Yes, support and understanding from friends are one of the primary reasons for me to believe bringing my baby out alone is not impossible. Though tiring, it's a good bonding session for me with her as well. And exposing her to the surroundings at a young age will be a good start for her to get used to crowds and strangers.

Most of my friends will say that I am someone who is very sociable and friendly to everyone. However, I was actually a very shy girl until I got together with my laogong. Yes, I am always very friendly and fun-loving with my close friends. But I was very quiet when I was with strangers. My laogong on the other hand, can talk to anyone on the street... After we got together, I somehow am influenced by him and become more sociable too ^^

I will like Jamie to be like the two of us and loves being around people ^^

In less than 1 hr, Jamie will be 3mths old. She is still wide awake now on the bed. Maybe she is counting down to :P

Lets take a look at how Jamie has changed over time ^^

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