Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little things that means so much...

I think some people are still wondering if I am really not upset that we didn't celebrate our 1st year wedding anniversary.

Aiyoh, I guess it's not really important whether we do special things on special days. What's important, is if we have each other in our minds everyday.

Yea and must give my hubby some credits leh, or else later his friends who read my blog will say I 'scold him' again ~ hahaha...

Usually, I will try to attend most of my hubby's school events. But lately, coz I can't walk very much, hence I have to skip some of it. However, my hubby always remember to bring me back little gifts to cheer me up ^^

He brought me a balloon flower back one day. And another day, he brought me the devils horn hairband after he returned from his school's halloween event.

So sweet right?

Yupz... I guess, it's the little thoughts that means so much :)

Next year will be our 10th year together liao!!! And I am counting down to many more years together with my hubby :)

Frankly hor, now that I am going to deliver, I am a bit inferior and worried whether I can get back in shape very soon... I was looking at my old photos... sob... I was so slim... Of coz, I am not very fat now lah, but then I am not as slim also~!!!

But then, I will work hard and chase away all my potential competitors~!!! ^^

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