Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Happening Day Today... I am Delivering TOMORROW (11 Nov 09)

Today is really a Happening day leh...

Had wanted to book the C-Sec date as next Wednesday (18Nov09) and purposely push forward my gynae check up till today, instead of the original date on Friday...

And ended up with a surprise~!!! Tell you more in a while...

This morning I went to meet a friend (another mummy) who recommended me this Spa and Massage Centre - Rustic Nirvana. She had previously signed up a series of massage sessions with them and greatly recommended their good service. She is very interested in their 1-for-1 Post-Natal Home Confinement Package offering at S$838 (UP. S$1283). And asked if I want to sign up together with her.

I had been wondering whether I should really sign this package up since I am not working and we have to rely on my hubby's single income for a few more months before I can join back the workforce.

Thus I was pretty surprised when I told my hubby about it and he actually supported me to sign up this package!!! OMG... He said it's important to stay pretty and regain back the shape, even after I become a mummy!!!

I was really surprised!!!

And very grateful... However, I guess he is pretty hopeful about the results of this package too since it's more expensive than the traditional Malay Jamu Massage... However, I believe there must be a reason for the great recommendations for this package. Hence, really worth a try. Furthermore, the package includes many more treatments which the traditional Malay Jamu Massage doesn't provide.

Unlike the traditional Malay Jamu Massage which only includes Massage + Binding of the Tummy Wrap (which you will need to pay separately for it too) - duration is about 1 hour, this package includes the following treatments in all.

Home Confinement Package
- 5 x post-natal jamu massages
- 5 x sea salt applications
- 5 x portable steamy wonder
- 4 x overnight jamu wrap
- Complimentary 5 baby massages + Tummy Belt (worth S$750)

PLUS Another 5 additional sessions of post-natal jamu massages at ANY of Rustic Nirvana branch.

Sounds good hor? I heard Baby Massages are quite expensive if you sign a separate package but while I have my massage, my baby can have hers also wor!!! So good life hor...

The package sounds good hor?!!

Oh Ya.. I heard the Home Confinement Package can be used for New Mummies within 1 year from their delivery. Hence if any of the New Mummies out there can also consider signing up this package too :)

Or you can sign up for a FREE trial session of Post-Natal Massage with them by subscribing to their Mother2Baby Club online - or simply email to for more information.

Okok... Time to announce the BIG NEWS!!!!! The EVEN MORE HAPPENING NEWS~!!!

Yeahhh.. Just after I met my friend to sign the package with her together at Rustic Nirvana, I went for my gynae checkup~!!!

I asked her about the booking procedures for C-Sec for Jamie. She tried to attempt to turn Jamie again but gave up since Jamie had responded earlier with the Contraction Scare on Last Saturday...

We had TWO Options then... Whether to Take the Risk and wait till 18 Nov 09 to C-Sec OR to C-Sec tomorrow. We thought really hard. Tomorrow seems like SO NEAR... and We seemed so UNPREPARED...

But she was right when she advised us that, it would be better to go for this expected/prepared C-Sec which is TOMORROW then to be caught unexpected/unprepared emergency C-Sec due to waterbag rupture by naughty Jamie...

Thus, we decided not to take the risk...



The feeling ah... I felt freaked out at the beginning... then I felt excited... And now... I felt at peace coz I know I don't have to be waiting for Jamie again OR worried about her well-being in my womb now since I am going to see her tomorrow ^^

But there are alot of mixed feeling when comes to deciding on GA. Had wanted to try Epidural but then my Gynae advised me to reduce complications to almost zero by choosing GA... I guess it should be the right choice too then... Since we both want at least close to zero complications...

So I am going for C-Sec with GA on 11 Nov 09... Best Wishes to myself and Update you all when I can ^^


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