Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All Ready for Jamie ^^

Hohoho, don't ask me why I am still awake... Just can't sleep... I guess I am too excited... So is Jamie... She had been moving and moving the whole day since we decided to C-Sec and deliver her tomorrow... wait... no... I mean, in a few hours time!!!

YEAHHH!!! We did some Final Makeover to the Room And Jamie's Baby Corner and Now it's all ready for my little girl ^^

Can't wait to see her lying contentedly in her little cot...

And hor, her Daddy is really sweet~!!! He is busy rushing an assignment which dateline is tomorrow and yet came to play his part in decorating Jamie's baby corner!!!

See hardworking Daddy at work~

The finished job~!!!

Some Touch up by Mummy and All is Perfect~!!!

Bought this really cute Night Light for my baby girl~


All Is Done and Ready for Jamie ^^

(Did you notice any special about the wall sticker?!)

More Updates when I deliver Jamie in a while time ^^

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