Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Baby is 8 days old (6th day of Confinement) - Feeling Much Better

Hi All~

My girl is 8 days old now~!!!

6 days had passed since I was discharged.

Finally feeling much better now. I wonder if it's because I feel that I am in my own mummy's good hands now... But I know for sure, with my mummy around for almost 24/7 looking after me and watching over the new Confinement Lady (CL), I feel more at ease and 'safer' leaving my girl in a stranger's hands.

I just arrived at my mum's house yesterday after I sacked the previous CL and requested for a replacement. Sorry for the late update because I was not only physically unwell but emotionally unwell before today. I can't say I am perfectly fine emotionally now too. However, I know I feel much better already.

Actually I wish to ask for refund for the previous CL since she was really not up to standard and hasn't been listening to instructions too. Rather lazy as well,always trying to eat snake, no initiative and don't seem to know the right knowledge for confinement (eg. what I cannot eat or do)...

So far the new CL seems good and sincere. Maybe for a start, when she nagged at me like my mother, I feel a bit offended. But then slowly I realized she means well. And as I hear her life stories and realized that whatever I am going through is just no big deal, I slowly become more receptive to her. Moreover, I believe it's because of my hormonal changes that I wasn't able to behave as normal.

Hormonal Changes is really no joke. Any cheerful person hit by this, will become really moody and maybe even depressed. Share with you all more in the next entry.

Check out my girl latest photo I took today :)

Everyone said she looks even more like daddy in the photo...

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