Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Unknown Virus Attack..again!!

Yes :(

Nowadays my throat seems to be more vulnerable than ever :( 

From young, I always get virus attack on my throat, which will evolve into a phlegmy cough. Mum always talks about how bad my childhood asthma was and why she forbid me to take part in all the strenuous ECAs. I know she cares for me and it was not easy bringing up a sicky baby. But sometimes I feel that overprotecting a child may lower the chances of him/her getting viruses, at the same time disallow the body systems to build varieties of antibodies. Hence these children will grow up having lower immunities against many viruses too. It's like I know my biggest 'enemy' in my life and hence the possible reason for my death in my old-age is throat related illnesses. 

Of coz it doesn't mean non-stop exposure to the viruses too. But we should just let nature takes it course. Let the body builds its immunities to fight its own enemies. Let the body learns to survive on its own. 

Anyhow I am feeling sick this morning :( and I know this throat infection will last 2-4 weeks as usual. Hope it doesn't hinder my slimming progress. This morning, I saw weight loss and will confirm this later at the salon. Am going for sculpturing treatment today which is part of the slimming programme. Share more about this new treatment I going through later! Heard it will smoother the wrinkled appearance of my skin, due to sudden weight loss.

Have a great week ahead! 

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