Thursday, August 22, 2013

Making Sense of the Blog Labels

Good Evening Singapore!

Finally, I squeezed out some time to touch up on the Blog Labels again!

I tried to group relating topics into the same categories so that there will not be a LONG list of blog labels. Hope this helps readers who want to read about the archived posts :)

Just some explanation on what the blog labels mean:

1. iVain - Replaced <爱美日记> so that English readers can understand. Readers can look out for the whole series for 'The Making of Hot Mama' under this category.

2. iDrama/iMovie/Reviews - Drama and Movie Reviews that I will like to share. If you don't see any Review lately, it may not mean I hadn't been chasing dramas or catching movies. It just means I may not like it that much till I wish to write a review on it :P But of coz it may also mean coz I am busy busy busy :(

3. iSpot - It could be something new from food, products to any interesting incidents I encountered. If there is some food or products you hope I can try out, do let me know k :D So that I can share with the rest of the world :) If it's just a clearance sale you will like to shout out to the world, let me know too so that more people can benefit from it!

4. iLoots - Every woman loves to shop! But of coz different types of women will shop for different things. In this category, I will like to share all my shopping conquest from baby stuff to household stuff ^^ If there is any good product you feel that is worth to buy and try it out, let me know! I can buy to try the product and write a review on it.

5. iGames - I always tell people that Facebook saved my life during my pregnancy with Jamie. As I was not working and most of my friends were working, I had no one to chat with me at times. Facebook games became my saviour and I became 'Number Ones' in many Facebook games. When iPhone came along, I then switched to mobile gaming on iPhone! So if you know of any must try iPhone games, let me know k? So that I can try it out and write a review to share with the world! 

6. iCook/iBake - I had created KPIs for myself to try to cook once a week and try to bake once a month. The KPI for cooking was hard to achieve, especially now that I am on strict diet. I will try to catch up on it once my strict diet ends, so that I can enjoy the fruits of my 'labour' too. As for baking, I made twice so far - chocolate chip cookies with my mini toaster oven and chocolate chips muffins with my cupcake/muffin maker. Will catch up on my baking experiences after my strict diet plan ends too!

7. Advertorials/Spnsors - As far, I had only done advertorials and sponsored posts with Rustic Nirvana after I delivered Jamie. I was lucky to be shortlisted and approached by RN's then marketing executive. I was sponsored 5 home-based Jamu massages and 5 salon-based Jamu massages. It was a good experience and I slimmed down a lot after the 10 sessions of Jamu massages. I will hope to work with more sponsors and advertisers. As I am at the moment urging to slim down, I will say beauty, health and food related advertisements and products/services will be most relevant to me now. Hope interested advertisers will drop me an email soon :)

8. Bad Times - It just sharing of some bad experiences I had.

9. Celebrations - This includes all kinds of celebrations, eg family events, festive events, anniversary celebration, kids' parties and friends' birthday celebrations.

10. Travel - Love travelling and we will always try to have minimum one high key travelling a year. However, sometimes I am lazy to find time to post photos and share about my itinerary. This year, I will like to set KPI for myself to upload new blog posts at least 3 times a week and to upload all my travel info, itinerary and beautiful photos :)

Let me know if you find this grouping okay! 

Stay Tune for the next Blog Post on my 'secret' to Slimming down so fast!

Oh yes, if you have anything you want to share with me or if you will like me to be your product ambassador, please email to I will reply you as soon as I can.

Seeya soon!

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