Monday, August 26, 2013

Monthly SAHM Day

Once a month I feel like a SAHM. Not only I have to take care of both kids, I also have to do some basic housework eg wash milk bottles, wash dishes after meal etc. And of coz anything I 看不顺眼 I will want to do something about it.

And yes, I am referring to my domestic helper's monthly day off.

Though it's tiring, I enjoy my time with the two little monsters. As the months go by, I have less difficulties handling my little monster James. But yet I noticed a change of behavior in Princess Jamie. Either she has became lazy and bossy or she felt neglected coz of her little brother. 
As much as she becomes more mature as a little big sister, she also becomes more complacent and demands more attention. In other words, things that she usually does on her own, she now waits for people to do for her, eg throw rubbish into dustbin. 

But I guess it's inevitable coz the more mature ones are those who are neglected. It's the simpler lot who attracts more protection. Nowadays I no longer feel as irritated with James when he screams. Instead, I like to give him the extra attention and pamper him a bit more BUT expects more sensible behavior from Jamie. 

I am still trying to adjust this mindset and hope Jamie will improve in her behavior too over time. 

Oh yes, I will like to thank Yvonne for always so on the ball when I call for help! I texted her at 9am for help and she arrives by noon! So grateful for loving my kids and spending time with them. And yes, what she said is true. She even cooks for us the other time she slept over! 

Yvonne, when I can start eating like a 'normal person', I will hope to cook some decent food for you when u visit me ;) Meantime I will 借花献佛 by asking Pyone to cook her yummy chicken wings for you!! 

Thank you Godma, for always being there for us!!! 

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