Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bed Rest Day 3

Finally it's Wednesday and my condition is much better (touch wood). Now resting at my brother's place, with my poor mum having to juggle among the two grand daughters, one grand son, myself and my bro&da sao. As much as I feel bad about inconvenient the whole family, I really not sure who else can I rely on. My helper will only b back on 1jun and my inlaws are working. Due to work commitment, it's not possible for my laogong to take 5 days leave to take care of me. At least I don't think teachers have paid leave to take.

Thanks mum for always being there for me, be it during my confinement or now. Thanks brother n da Sao for accommodating me and Jamie in the house. I know it's not easy to have so many guests in the house. Hope Jamie stops being nuisance and starts to learn to b a big sister soon...

Just dug out my work n I realized I cannot don't do any work or don't think about work even when I m supposed to bed rest. I guess it's part of the package in this job that everyone just feel obliged towards it even when we are on leave or sick. Coz there are many people out there who need help more than ourselves. Although sometimes the help they need is beyond our purview or even ability, we try to help as much as we can and give them a listening ear. We also learnt to bear with their shouting and screaming, cursing or flying a few blows at us too (I know some of them wish they can) lol

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