Thursday, November 8, 2012

What's for Dinner Today?

In the hope to keep up with my blogging, I am adding in more 'Talking Points'!

One of which will be Makan Thrills - 'What's for Dinner Today?!' Will share about all the nice home-cook food or nice restaurants I visit ;) And of coz will take and post lots of nice photos on-the-go!!! So sit back and enjoy the yummy photos ^^

So what am I having for dinner tonight? Thanks to the bad jam, I am only having dinner now :( But what's in front of me really cheers me up!

Ta-Da!!! Home Made Kuay Chap!!! Thanks to my clever helper who likes to try new recipes whenever I bring her to try different food :D

I can see eggs, Tao pok, pork and pig small intestines!!! She said big intestines is too expensive ($7 for a small palm size) so she didn't buy this round... Hope I try it with the big intestines next time ^^

Yummy! 我开动了!

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