Thursday, April 8, 2010



yaa, I am also one of the victims. Frankly I hate the hassle of getting people to court and I never been to SCT and police station to make a report. And stupid me, wanted to let the person off until my da sao told me she was also one of the victims.

She encouraged me to chase after my money since I had never used my package before due to my pregnancy.

And so I went to Small Claim Tribunal and Cantonment Police Station for the first time in my life (and I hope its gona be the last time too) to lodge a small claim and also to make a police report.

From the tone of the officers at both SCT and Police Station, I guess they had been seeing many of us reporting to them lately. And I even heard that it's becoming a big case due to the number of police reports made.

I really hope to bring the guy down.

He had been pretending to be the scrapegoat or the innocent party since he claimed he just took over the business but HALLO, I was not informed when the Circular branch which I signed my package in was closed down in Dec 2009! And even when I called up the number to make appointment, they DID NOT tell me the branch was closed. All they said was that the appointments are always full. And since I called during pre-CNY season, hence I believed the appointments were full already. But it was all a scam!!!

Let's bring that guy and the other two ex bosses down!!!

Send them to jail and give us back the money!!!

I had not even used my package and what's worse? I checked the balance statement via the website which was finally UP again... And realized the so-called FOC treatments they gave me was not FOC at all!! They deducted from the credits they gave me without telling me!!! And also someone used my card in Feb 2010 for their treatments!!! AND CLAIM UNDER MY CREDITS!!!

I AM SO ANGRY NOW~!!!!!!!!!!

I wish to double sue them right now for doing such thing!!!

And am upset that when I called DBS just now, the officer first tell me they cannot waive off the remaining instalments, then when I asked him to explain why many others can, he then said I can request for approval of higher authorities!

OMG, if I don't know that others had gotten the approval, then I would just be brushed off like that? OF COZ I WANT TO REQUEST FOR HIGHER AUTHORITIES and our FB WITC VICTIM GROUP MEMBERS had just advised us to pursue the matter by calling the bank after 3 days to request for a waive again and do so until they give in to us.

If I used the service, I don't mind paying for it. But I had not and can never used it now!!! If it's them, can they stomach the anger? Somemore I am doubly cheated of my credit points!!!

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