Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Weekend of Advance Birthday Celebrations

Really love my 4 close friends for the lovely Weekends of Advance Birthday Celebrations!!! But still, miss my dear friend Ivy and her baby boy Lucius. However, I believe she will be strong and be back with us very soon.

We miss you very much, Ivy!!!


Saturday (24 April 2010)

12.00pm to 1.30pm

Attended a Sgbride forum friend's full month celebration. Her baby boy is really cute and resemble the father.

The buffet food is good too, as expected because it's from Neogarden.

Anyway just wish to 'discuss' about something I saw and don't think it's quite right at the celebration. There was this little girl who misbehaved and her mother reprimanded her in front of all the guests. I guess it's okay to reprimand the child but not nice to make such a scene. Not only the child may feel humiliated and it's also not very polite to the hosts. After all, it's a celebration and we should always think in the shoes of the hosts. What will her in-laws think about the lady host if they know this mother is a friend of the lady host? And scolding the child with harsh words in front of outsiders will only show how ignorant and helpless the mother is, not being able to get the child to do as she wishes.

I remember my mother used to warn me before I went out with her that if I misbehave outside I would be caned when I got home and plus being grounded for the rest of the week. She would pinch me to 'hint' that she did not like what I was doing and it served as a warning to be too, that I would get it from her when I get home. This method really works and I never dared to continue my nonsense after her first pinch each time we went out.

I guess even though the methods used by the older generation may be outdated, yet we can always recreate and improvised on the effective methods to make it our special discipline methods for our own children.

But of coz, Jamie is still young so I won't know if she will misbehave when she grows up too. But nevertheless, I guess I know how I wish Jamie can behave when she goes out and I can learn along the way how to discipline her when need to, at the right time, using the right method.

1.30pm - 2.30pm

We left the place at about 1.30pm and shopped at the Cold Storage at North point. I am really happy that I have a helper with nowadays. If not I really don't know what to do when Jamie wants milk and yet I need to get something done. With Pyone around, I can leave Jamie safely in Pyone's arms as I paid at the cashier and they stayed at a corner with Jamie getting her milk.

We bought the ingredients and headed towards Yeewen's house by Cab.

3.30pm - 5.00pm

Yeewen was all ready with her homecooked Bee Hoon and bought curry chicken. And now left me with my sushi. Once again, I am grateful that I have a good helper with me. So that I can cook in peace while Pyone entertained Jamie.

At the same time, Yeewen and Bixia went crazy with Jamie as well. Hahaha..

Soon all the food is ready. But it started to rain. And by the time the rain stopped. It was already 6pm. The sky was still gloomy and we were worried the ground would be wet and muddy. Hence we decided to have our picnic at Yeewen's house instead.

It was a cosy and relaxing 'picnic' session. We watched TV as we feasted!

And then here comes the cake!


It's my favorite Tiramisu cake from Baker's Inn~!!!

It's so nice that I think I can finish up the whole cake myself!!! Hahaha but I was too full so I could only have two slices :P Heehee...

Thank you Wenwen and Xiaxia for the wonderful and homely birthday celebration!!! I am looking forward to our 3 dishes + 1 soup gathering ^^


Sunday (25 April 2010)

Sunday was another happening advance birthday celebration.

It was really nice of Sandra's hubby's Fuwei to get his sister to book a BBQ pit for us at her condo.

We shopped for the BBQ food at about 2.30pm and headed to the condo. We reached at 3pm and the weather was really good! Not too hot and not rainy as well! We quickly changed into our swim wear and jumped into the pool. Jamie was as excited as us! She was hugging her new toy from Yeewen's sister and got into her swim suit for her swim. Laogong helped to blow up Jamie's float and we were then all ready for the swim!

Jamie had a good one hour swim and even missed her milk time. She was showing signs of being hungry but yet she didn't wish to miss the fun. However, after a while, she really cannot tahan the hunger and 'asked' daddy if she can have her milk then continue the swimming.

However, it was advisable not to let babies swim for too long, hence it was just nice when Jamie got up for her milk. After her milk, Pyone and I brought Jamie for her bath. I must say (again) that the condo has really bad bathing facilities. The toilet was open-concept and unisex. Hence I had to take my bath in the 'open' too with Pyone and Jamie staring at me. Jamie was pretty amused to see her Mummy in bubbly soap though and was giggling away as I bathed.

Jamie had her bath in the basin instead, because the shower was abit 'painful' for her. It was Jamie first cold bath and she was really brave! Maybe she even liked it very much, like her Daddy!!! Heehee... Was thankful once again I had Pyone around and she helped Jamie wiped dry and changed while I got on with my bathing.

After our bath, it's time to set up the BBQ pit :D It had been some time since Laogong and I had such a happening weekend, partly coz of his work commitment and study loan. I really had my fun too helping out with the preparation of the food.

Russ came in time to join us for the BBQ. She brought along her Mummy Brand chili sauce and fried bee hoon!!! YUMMY, had always loved her mummy's cooking~ And thanks Sandra's mummy for the beef curry too :D Yummy!!!

Jamie was then watching Daddy blowing bubbles...amusingly...

And the two girls suddenly MIA and came back with a birthday card for me!!! So happy!!! Thanks Sandra and Russ :D

We then feasted the BBQ food and beef curry and Bee Hoon!!! Not forgetting the marshmallow, bacon and roti prata~!!~

After dinner, we were so full that Laogong decided to go for a night swim. While San, Russ and myself sat at the pool chatting about our Uni days.. it is close to 10 yrs since we knew each other.. well, time really flies...

And we started to miss Ivy even more...

Last but not least, we had the cake time :D It's a very yummy chocolate cake which is really spongely and creamy at the same time :D Yummy...

But poor Jamie was irritated but the camera flashes and refused to look at the camera anymore after the first few shoots...

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