Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Food Weaning is Fun!!!

Hihi All :D

I finally can say I think I had fully recovered from my stomach flu... Oops.. Touch Wood... LS this morning but then after that it's okay. I hope that's my last LS :P

Started Food Weaning today :D

Had wanted to sell away the two Food Weaning Gift Set I got for Jamie's full month, but I guess they come in handy now ^^ Opened them up and used them today :D

Hope to introduce more new foods to Jamie everyday :D

Let's start first with 1 brown rice cereal meal a day - dinner + a fruity puree for dessert. I will keep to the afternoon meal of white rice cereals + milk till Jamie is 6 months old. After Jamie is 6 months old, I will slowly introduce her gerber puffs and other baby biscuits for her to ease her itchy gums :P Think she will love them :D

Take a look at Jamie's Brown Rice Cereals for dinner today!

Not sure if you notice she ate about 50% of the cereals which is MORE than all the amount she had eaten so far! She had learnt to swallow the food from a spoon too :) So Proud of my Jamie ^^

After her cereals, I made Red Apple Puree using the new food processing set as well. The last time I made Red Apply Puree was using the traditional method of carving it slowly out using a teaspoon and then mashed it up into a watery soft state. It's a more tedious method than using my new Food Processing set. I just need to use Rub 1/4 of a red apple on the grinder to and fro. And then mashed the grounded apple. It takes me less than 5 minutes to prepare everything!!!


Take a look at my red apple puree!!!

Hope to share more of my Food Weaning Experience and 'Recipes' soon ^^

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