Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Very Ugly Singaporeans

I think if I wish to go on and write about Ugly Singaporeans, I can eventually have enough case studies to write a book. But well, I will just share about my personal experiences…

This happens last Friday on my way to Tanah Merah to meet my friends. I decided to take bus 980 to Bugis and switched to MRT. As my hubby was meeting his friends at Bugis, so we took the bus together.

The bus was crowded and we had to stand. A nice lady spotted me and gave up her seat for me. I was really touched and realized there are still very nice and considerate Singaporeans around.

5 minute later, at the next stop, 1 blind man and 1 half-blind woman boarded the bus. I looked around and saw no one giving up their seats for them. I asked my hubby should I gave up my seat, and he said if only I can stand steadily. Just as I was about to stand up, an old man in front shouted at us to give up my seat (beside me is another lady) for them.

I was about pissed because I was about to give up my seat. And in the first place, why should a pregnant woman give up her seat when there are so many able people sitting down happily in their own seats?!! Anyhow, I stood up, together with the lady next to me.

And the stupid old man who was shouting at me, didn’t noticed I was pregnant! I presumed he was half-blind too.

Anyway, my hubby held on to me as I tried to balance myself on the bus. Yeah, no one else volunteered to give up their seat to me. After a while, the half-blinded woman seemed to notice my tummy and stood up. She told me I should take her seat because I had a baby and she started moving to the back to find other seats.

I told her it was okay as I could still stand. And the stupid old man in front was like giving that ‘why do you need to give her your seat kinda of look…’

Frankly, I was angrier that how come everyone could still sit there happily and pretending nothing happened. It was because the stupid old man was almost shouting so it was quite obvious that someone needs a seat.

After a few minutes, the half-blind aunty stood up again and said I need the seat more and forcefully made me sit and she walked to the back. Luckily, someone else stood up and gave her the seat.

I was like so paiseh…

I could never imagine we came to a stage where blind or old people had to give up their seats for pregnant women or vice versa….

What happened to the education system in Singapore?


  1. Why your interactions always with old man and old lady de.... the system in SG not specific enough.... Didnt state how to prioritize between a stupid old man and a pregnant woman. Or maybe the stupid old man knows that he left until 12am to live.... thats y so grouchy. LOL

    Btw the statement that no other OK ppl give seats to you... Welcome to the Reality.

  2. noticed that it is usually people who needs the seats who are willing to give up their seats for others. often see old folks giving up their seats for preggies.

    Sg certainly need more efficient courtesy campagins. sighz

  3. i totalli understand how ya feel, Jolene! There was once I had to give up my seat to an old lady on the bus! *faintz* and there're plenty of other young ppl ard loz! *angry* so yeaz.. ugly s'poreans!