Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Had been thinking for a few days how to get this blog started...

A few things happened along the way and I knew there was something I can start writing on. But hor, not quite sure how should a blog be started off :P

Well, first of all, i will like to thank a friend of mine for inspiring me to start blogging... Actually i tried some time back to blog before but it was not a successful attempt. I doubt I can write any better now and bound to be criticize for my 'cannot make it' English... but really, as long as you know what I am trying to say, should be okay right?

Thanks so much Nadia for all the encouragement :) Can't get this blog started without u!!! And congrats to ur winning of soyjoy and participating in the blogathon!!!!

Hope i can blog about many interesting things, other than my mew stage of life - with my new career(s), new challenges in life and of coz a new member of my family ^^

Heehee... for those who are aware, I am going to be a mummy very soon!!! Very excited over it and even more excited after I saw my good friend, Ivy yesterday. She just delivered her baby boy~!!! I am so proud of her and happy that she managed to get her wish come true and be able to deliver naturally! Nah, there is nothing wrong to deliver via C-sec... no offence... But i think the sense of satisfaction is so much greater if a mummy manages to deliver via her PUSH and PUSH effort! What's more? Ivy went through 12 hrs of labour... Most mummies would give up half way and opt for C-sec but she didnt! I am so proud of her!!! And I believe I can too~!!! Lets pray hard my baby girl is willing and able to come out naturally ^^

And most friends are aware too that I had quit my job and now am trying out some freelance property and online business.. See the links for more information! Have to be honest that I am not doing very well in both... Do leave me ur comments by and by and advise me accordingly how i can be more successful in my new career(s) k? Sighhh... Having a baby is not cheap leh.. and it sucks to be income-less :( Sob sob...

Last but not least, do give me new ideas as to what I can write in the blogs :D

Love ya all~!!! Muackz!!!

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