Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ugly Singaporeans...

I was really happy that I am finally going to meet Mol after so long. We tried many times to arrange for a dinner session but all the attempts failed. However, now that I am a jobfree person, we are finally meeting!!!

She was really happy to see my tummy.. and I can see that she is looking forward to see my little Jamie too ^^ It was such a happy occasion when two long lost friends, finally met each other and had so much to share.

But while i was waiting for her, something unhappy happened.

We planned to meet at Raffles City. I had craving for Subway but there was a crowd, hence I had to wait for about 5-10 minutes. There were two groups of customers who were finishing their lunches. One is an english elderly couple and another was two women.

The two women finished their lunches first and was clearing the table and getting out of the seats. Just as I was walking towards the table, two women in their 40s appeared out of NOWHERE and took up the empty table.

I dropped my jaws... Really... It was quite obvious I was waiting for the table. And I felt I was being considerate and polite to let the customers cleared their tables and slowly got out of it, but it seems, my kindness wasn't paid off. I felt like walking up to the two OLD Women and tell them that I saw this table first!

I didn't mean to be rude or critical but I really think this two women in their 40s are old maids... you get what I mean? Someone who are unmarried, inconsiderate and self-centered because they don't need to care for anyone else but themselves.

And, for god sake, they snatched a table from a 5 month pregnant woman~!!! I don't think I was transparent because I was standing so near to that table. Arghhh... and they could at least shared the table with me!

Just as I was about to walk towards the two women to give them a scolding (just to embarrass them), the english couple signaled to me that I could have their table. They had quickly finished off the food and cleared the table for me.

For that moment, I felt so ashamed to be a Singaporean... We actually need elderly non-Singaporeans to give up their seats for us, when our fellow comrades tried as much as possible to trample on each other.

I remember a similar incident happened to a friend of mine when she was 9 months pregnant. Hello?! You can say I look slim and petite so maybe I don't look so pregnant. But then the last I saw my friend before she delivered, her tummy was already so HUGE. You really can't miss it!

My friend was on the crowded bus and no one was willing to give up the seat for her. Until an old man stood up and gave the seat to her. OMG...

It's really so sad to know how uncultured, selfish and inconsiderate Singaporeans ah. We even need to mark priority seats on trains and buses to remind each and everyone that the elderly, pregnant women and parents with young children are entitled to these seats more than everyone else.

The next time anyone refused to give up the seats or snatch my seats, I am going to walk up to them and take a picture and post it on my blog or even STOMP... We don't really need to argue with them and behave like one of them. A picture of their ugly faces is enough to tell the whole story...

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  1. Ya lar... some people are like that one lar... They are just simply fuck up. You should have just go scold them make them lost face or take pic STOMP them to death.. LOL