Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Very Special 11 Nov 2016 to Look Forward To...

You must be wondering what am I busy with these few weeks.

Well, a lot of things are up my sleeves. Haha...

And just as I thought I won't need to stress over Jamie's Mega Birthday Party this year, since I convinced her that she will enjoy small group playdates with different groups of friends more (and individual playdates = more DayOuts and PlayTime for her too).

But I guess my love for her has bewitched myself, to give in to her once-a-year Birthday Request. I decided to bring cupcakes to her school on 11 Nov 2016 during her recess time to do a simple school birthday celebration. But this year we will be going budget. Yes, I will keep reminding myself we need to go budget this year, though my love for her has often blinded my eyes to notice the prices of cakes and goodie bags. Haha..

Why Cupcakes? Well, it is less messy to clean up. No need to be stressed over how to cut a multi-tiered or 3D cake or even cutting a round cake can be stressful at times. By choosing cupcakes, everyone get one equal size "cake'' and will be easier to cater more for good eaters ;)

Jamie was not sure what ''theme'' she wants for this year birthday ''cake'' until I suddenly remember this morning that, I can actually choose the Pokemon Theme since 99% of Primary School Children should know what is Pokemon by now. Yes, choosing a theme is never easy especially for ''less exposed children''. I remember last year her 6th birthday party theme was ''Inside Out", hence I got the children Inside Out Tsum Tsum in the goodie bags. Then I realized not everyone had watched the movie ''Inside Out'' before... But Pokemon for this year's theme should be safe ^^ I will be ordering 3 dozens of very lovely twelve cupcakes and pokemon cake toppers ^^ And of coz not forgetting the yummy goodie bags :)

Why Twelve Cupcakes? I had never tasted them before because I always thought they are really expensive coz they look pretty and the outlets look very posh. Then I realized they are actually very affordable. 12 pc for $36? Where to find? I was initially shocked at how expensive cupcakes can cost these days... $4.50-$6.00 even by Home Bakers. Gosh... Maybe Twelve Cupcakes are smaller in size than the $6 cupcakes but 3 dozens  will be just nice for the kids. I heard it tastes yummy too :)

Okay, back to the Topic of today's blog.

So why is 11 Nov 2016 so special? Apart from Jamie's School Birthday Celebration, I will also be launching my newly migrated Blog.

Yes, I had signed up for Wordpress, which I heard can reach out to more people around the world (especially those countries who are anti-google). I also heard that their interfaces are more user-friendly. Best of All, Wordpress Smart Phone Apps allows you to not only follow my blog posts closely, but you are able to access to all other Wordpress Blogs too! So you can read any Wordpress Blogs on the go using a Smart Phone Apps instead of using a Phone Browser.

Oh yes, I had finally thought of a theme/tagline for my blog too. And it is a pretty cheesy theme/tagline but I do like it lah, coz I thought it sounds meaningful and easy to remember :P

I am calling it SuperMum Jolene - Gotta Have Them All...

All = The Best of All Worlds!

Who says Working Mummies cannot enjoy Personal Time, Social Life, Couple Travels/Paktors and Stay Slim, Pretty and Fit at the same time? Who says Working Mummies have to restrain and constraint herself to a Fixed Set of Guidelines or Rules by our Ancestors or the Social Norms? I am definitely a very unconventional mummy. I won't dare say my kids will grow up into Scholars or Future Leaders, but I look forward to see them grow up into adults with good characters and values. So, here I am to share with you how every Working or Non-Working Mummies can have them all :)

I am at the midst of tidying up my new blog and adding in more widgets, before launching it in 2 weeks time :) Meantime, stay tune k?! Have a good Weekends in Advanced too :)

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