Friday, February 22, 2013

Jamie Can Walk~!!!

Was really thrilled to saw Jamie FINALLY stood up on her own and started walking with no support~!!!

She was short for her age and looked really 'cartoon' walking around the house. Beign small for her age, she can even move around narrow 'paths' without much effort!

At first she would be worried to walk into pitch dark bedrooms but now she felt excited to explore her way all around the house~!!! And she refused to let us hold her hands anymore!

But I noticed she is still wary when she is out of the house. She would hold our hands tightly or even refuse to walk when she is out of the house. I brought her to the playground yesterday and she even sat down to 'feel' the texture of the ground before she attempted to walk on her own~!!!

Look at how Pretty My Little Princess has become :)

Check out her taking her first steps...

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