Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jamie is Botak Now~!!!

Hihi All :)

Took Jamie for her shave yesterday and now she is BOTAK~!!!

First we put her on a pretty yellow dress and then brought her to my usual salon at AMK. See see, Now u see the hair... now you don't~!!!

Jamie was sleeping when we were shaving her hair.. kekeke... now we let her wear a cap even when at home :P

At the first time, my hubby and I did our hair cut too ^^ Take a look at the new mummy look... hope it makes me look younger :P

kekeke.. and hor, we eventually tugged Jamie with a pacifier when she turned cranky.. and I think she looks cute~!!! She even 'threatened' me with her fist when I wana take it out of her mouth :P So cute~!!!

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