Saturday, April 9, 2016

Oops... Sorry to all my readers if I did not respond to your comments or enquires

Oops.. I was labelling my latest posts and decided to pop by to have a look at the list of comments to my posts. Seriously, I did not expect myself to have so many regular readers. I am really very flattered by all the readers who had been following my blog. Thank you very much for your support!

I have to apologise to all the readers who had left me a comment or an enquiry in my comment. I seldom pop by my blog via my laptop and usually upload my blog posts via my mobile apps. Hence, I had missed all the previous comments since year 2014 :(

Sorry everyone! 

I will make it a habit to check my comments page more often in future, so that I can thank everyone of you for your support :)

Oh yah! Please drop me an email in future via, if you have any urgent query k! I respond pretty fast via email ;)

Meantime, take care of yourself as the haze is here. I am still recovering from my illness :( Hope everyone stays healthy k! Stay Tune for more of my blog posts ^^

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