Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day 7-8 @ Taiwan (15-24Jun15) -九份人情,十分幸福 Old Town Charm

Oops! Sorry for the delay in blogging on the last three nights of my Taiwan trip. I was busy catching up with my family commitment and two more short trips, since I returned from Taiwan! 

I am really thankful to have my supporting inlaws and hubby who understand the need of my "short break". I understand very well that not everyone has my kind of "freedom" as a mother.

Frankly, by the 7th day I had started to not only pack my luggage but also tidied up my mood. It was a long 2.5hr ride (NT356 for 2 pax) from Hsin Chu TRA station (新竹) to Rui Fang TRA station (瑞芳) via TRA and the time was well-spent with me looking at my mobile calendar and arranging my schedule. My friends must have been surprised to receive my messages and how I had arranged my schedule as if I was not out of the country at all.

Seriously, for the first time in my life, I did not dread coming back to Singapore. I knew there was no pile of work waiting for me, nor not-understanding covering officers/bosses waiting to stab me (or had already stabbed me without me knowing, while I was out of the country).

Last few days of my Taiwan trip were spent in Jiufen (九份)、Shifen (十分) and Taipei (台北). This is my 5th time in Jiufen (九份) and my 2nd time in Shifen (十分). However, I love these two old towns so much that I don't mind revisiting them over and over again. 

If you let me choose again, I will like to spend more nights in Cingjing (清境), Nei Wan (内湾), Jiufen (九份) and Shifen (十分). I seriously don't feel that I belong to the modern society. I feel more at ease amongst the rich cultural heritage buildings.

We board the TRA train from Hsin Chu (新竹) TRA station and reached Rui Fang (瑞芳) TRA station at 11.07am. We had wanted to take the NT30 public bus to Jiufen (九份) and walked through the old streets to our Minsu (民宿). But the hot glaring sun at Rui Fang (瑞芳) TRA station that greeted us turned us off. Some cabbies which were stationed just outside the station waved at us and signaled that they would only charge us NT250 a car to our Minsu. 

Being exhausted from our ambitious 2 continuous nights of destination hopping and our luggages which had gotten heavier with the many facial products we bought from Hsin Chu City, we accepted the cabby's offer. The cabby even asked if pinky was filled with stones when he removed it from his boot :P Hahaha...

Arrival at Rui Fang TRA (瑞芳)

We alighted at Jiufen (九份) backhill (后山), enteance of Ji Shan Jie (基山街) near our Minsu and walked for about 10-15 min before we found the Minsu. The cabby was unable to drive us to the doorstep because the road was too narrow for cars to go through.

Our very cosy Minsu - Go-Walk Jiufen aka 閒晃九份. We paid NT1000 in cash for our one night stay. 

However, the Minsu staff told us that we were only able to check in at 4pm. They suggested that we deposit our luggages and visit the Jin Gua Shi Museum (金瓜石博物馆) since it was still early. 

As we walked towards the bus stop to catch the bus to the museum, we admired the great scenary just outside our Minsu! So pretty! 

We were feeling hungry and decided to have some lunch before we go to the museum. Found this "restaurant" less than 5 min walk from the Minsu. These 3 yummy dishes cost us NT290.

This is my 5th time in Jiufen (九份) but my first time to the museum. I heard about it but it didn't come across to me that I should sacrifice my shopping time to some museum. But since we had some time and Qiuling was keen, so we paid NT30 (2 pax) for the bus ride to the museum. As we walked down towars th

The museum visit took us about 3 hours but we were well-educated about Jiufen's history as a coal mining town.

tour finished 
buy papaya milk NT80

gave the 3 packets of coffee. 
and bought 5 Nougats. share with Qiuling NT950
3 Mochi free
Alishan tea NT600 for 3 packets 
dong fen, dou gan and fishball soup NT90
gui Hua cha NT35
hai Liao NT100 for 3
Keychain NT60
pipa mi get free pipa juice NT200
8.13pm rest 

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