Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rain = New Hope

It has been a few weeks since I came back from my Taiwan trip and I know I still owe you the rest of my Taiwan travel journal.

And I know I hadn't been keeping up with my new year resolution (aka the promise to post at least once a week).

Really sorry about it. But please bear with me for now. I have good reasons for lagging behind, though reasons are merely excuses to some...

I hadn't been myself since I returned to Singapore. I can't say why now but I promise I will share when the time is right. I just want my friends who care for me to know that I am well now and I will survive :) Like I always do...

Sometimes I may seem depressed or as if the sky has fallen. But I always pick myself up and I always am able to think positively again. If I cannot find the light down this tunnel, I will just detour into another tunnel. I always believe that as long as we have faith in ourselves and have clear conscience, we will reach our destination... even if it means we have to take a longer time or walk a longer route. What's important is that we reach the destination eventually...

I am glad that it has finally rained... I always feel that the rain gives hope and the sun aids the growth. Now that it rains, it also means there is new hope for everyone who had suffered from the dry spells. 

Really hope that we find the airplane soon too. It has been a while and the international tension is growing. But what's important is that we find the airplane then all the mysterious can be resolved. What's the point of all the speculation? As long as we cannot find the airplane, there is still hope.

Well, I have a whole list of blog posts to write coz there is a lot of great happenings I wish to share with all of you. What I can at least promise you all now is, I will definitely make sure I post minimum once a week... So don't give up on me ^^ stay with me k :) 

8 min more to Monday! 

Don't go blue!!! 

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