Friday, April 26, 2013

First Time Baking!!!

Another tick in my 'things to do' list!!!

Starting work next Thursday and I thought I won't get a chance to bake before that.

LUCKY!!! I got a ready cookie mix in my drawer and the rest of the ingredients too - an egg, water and margarine! That's all that take to bake some cookies!

I got my little helper today too :) Had wanted to bring the two darlings for a swim initially, but weather was bad. So we decided to stay home and bake instead!

Jamie really enjoys helping out and see how serious my great chef looked when she was busy at work :)

The first batch of double Choco chunk cookies tasted really nice! Hence we going to continue with the rest of the cookie dough ;)

Mission accomplished! I am going to get more cake and cookie mix next time :)

Posted the photos on fb and friends were already requesting to try out great chef Jamie's cookies ^^

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