Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It’s Weekends AGAIN~!!!

Oops…yes, I realized I hadn’t been writing blogs for a few days.

So Sorry…

I had been a Maria at my mum’s house lately, busy cleaning and packing my old room to make space for my brother and his family, who will be moving back in November.

Will have to finish the packing and cleaning by this Friday so that my parents can get rid of whatever unwanted furniture and items asap. Well, I should say it’s good exercise for a pregnant woman. I can’t be sitting around doing nothing all day.

You must be wondering how come I am so free when the property marketing is in a craze now. I will blog about this separately.

Now to share about my weekends.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Baby Lucius First Month Birthday

It was a LONG wait for us to finally get to meet Baby Lucius~!!!

Really love his BIG BIG eyes and I really hope my Jamie has BIG BIG eyes too.

If not ah? I will just keep nagging at my laogong for having tiny eyes lor… :P

Anyhow, I guess no matter how my Jamie looks like; I will still think she is the most beautiful baby girl in the world.

Not only the ladies got excited over the baby, it was a good experience for the men to observe and cheer for their buddy (Ivy’s hubby) when it was feeding time. From the look of the men, I think they had fun watching how the feeding was done.

And yes, we took pictures with Ivy and Baby Lucius. But because there were other guests around or/and baby Lucius was sleeping most of the time, so we didn’t take too many photos too. Nevertheless, we have many more years ahead to take the growing up pictures of baby Lucius.

Really look forward to see him again.

It is always a blessing to be able to share our different life stages with our close friends. And I know in years to come, we will be sharing a lot more about our mothering and parenting experiences…

And I am glad we always have a role model ahead of us… Yes Ivy, We are so proud of u :)


Sunday, 16 August 2009

Learning how to Bath and Clean our Baby

Went for our 4th lesson for Parentcraft by Thomson Medical Centre. Our Lecturer was the all famous Mrs Wong Boh Boi. She is not only experienced but very passionate about sharing her experiences and watching each and every one of us become successful mothers.

For the last 3 lessons, we had been learning more technical and theoretical concepts about how the pregnant mummy’s body will change over time and how does baby grows over time in the tummy. The daddies had to learn hw to do massage for the mummies too. And I must say all the techniques taught are really helpful because my Laogong had managed to ‘rescue’ me during my last 2 leg cramp attacks and also many occasions when I thought my back was breaking apart.

Not forgetting, daddies and mummies are also taught how to interact with the baby too. I must say it’s not only educational for us as first time parents but at the same time, it prepares us in a positive light as we look forward to receive our baby. Many a time, the daddies especially may not be very ready or not sure of what to expect during a pregnancy. They may even think the mummies are being unreasonable or attention seeking. However, after understanding what to expect during a pregnancy from an experienced lecturer (who has many good case studies and examples), most daddies are unenlightened.

And I do hope the breathing methods taught for labour will come in handy. Or at least, my Laogong will remember and cheer me on when it’s time for my delivery. Nothing beats having your hubby with you during labour…

On Sunday, we started our practical lessons on how to clean and wash the baby. Examples and Case studies of how misled maids accidentally or almost accidentally killed the babies were shared. It made us realized the importance of sending a maid to proper lessons before letting them handle the baby. As much as some maids may already have their own children, but different culture background, may end up in different ways of caretaking a baby.

We had fun learning how to bath the ‘plastic baby’ and wiping ‘him’ up in cloth diaper etc and also different ways of burping and carrying the baby. I realized men seem to be better when comes to being hands on with babies. Maybe it is because of their more powerful left brain that allows them to have better psychomotor skills. While I need some to learn the direction in which I can turn the baby around, Laogong seems to be able to do so with little effort. Wow… I really hope he will be able to help with his the baby chores when Jamie arrives.

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