Sunday, June 23, 2013

Staying Indoors and Bonding with Kids

3-hrly PSI at 8pm was 75 and 24-hrly PSI at 8pm was 79-102.

Sky was clear and Sun was shining bright :)

Jamie was bored and restless at home and asked if she could go to the playground 'awhile'. I asked if her friends were wearing face masks in school and did teachers explain why they could not have outdoor activities for the last one week. She nodded.

Sigh, I guess it's really hard on the children, not being able to be out in the sun and exercising their active souls... Lucky Jamie could easily be contented by watching TV and painting all day... But I don't think she can last another few weeks indoor :(

Seriously, I can't too! Haha! Laogong and I went for Movie on Thursday and we did see many other people at Vivocity too. I then wondered why there were people nagging non-stop about the haze and that they are 'suffering'...

I don't see people literally suffering. Or maybe I did not go to the 'right' place to see. Yes, there are old folks and needy suffering because they do not have enough money to buy face masks, but I believe the government agencies and grassroots did not forget them. True enough, face masks were shortly given out to those who cannot afford to buy one. For those who can afford to buy one and those who are healthy and strong, please stop complaining and source for your own face masks. Internet is so easily accessible these days, if you can get it off-the-shelf, get it online.

Beside, no one expects the haze to go out of control. It's not something that happens every year in Singapore. PSI was never above 200 in the past years. It has nothing to do with NEA nor any government agencies. We all know who cause the haze and still causing it. Please point your fingers at the right culprit(s). Stand unite and let them hear our dismay. Support to punish those who cause the haze. Seek and Suggest solutions to help others in greater need.

Anyway back to staying indoors. Actually staying indoor occasionally is not a bad idea too. Especially so for me this weekends, because my helper had her dayoff from 9am to 7pm today.

Situation was not as bad as I expected it to be. Maybe because I always prepare for the worse, so I feel less upset if situation was not as bad as I had prepared myself for.

It was very tiring to carry James almost the whole day. But I was proud of Jamie whom prove herself as a trustworthy big sister. She was very helpful and took good care of James when I had to do housework. I didn't want my helper to think I left everything in a mess for her to clear up after her day-off, so I tried to do simple cleaning up too. And of coz, I need to train myself up too, afterall I won't know when I may end up with no helper :( I wish it will never happen though :P Hahaha... But it's very hard to predict the future...

Maybe one day I can be job-free or be a full time blogger cum stay-home-mum without a helper? :P

Anyway, I hope my children enjoyed the bonding time with me today, as much as I enjoyed mine with them :) It was good feeling watching James slept in my arms and Jamie resting on my lap ;)

#3? Hmmm.. I doubt I can get a permit for this leh... So, I think the answer is 'I don't think so...'

For now, I guess I will just concentrate in juggling my job, my family, my marriage, my blogging, my friends and my 'hobby' well :D Oh yes, and slim down........ SLIM DOWN!!!!! I tried almost every method I can think of already :( Pills, Diet... watever... There are results but not significant results as far... So if anyone need a spokesman, hahaha or a guinea pig... Please please, drop me an email ( ^^

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