Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hazy Bad Weather

I am back!!!

Actually back since Monday night but was busy catching up with the kids. Really miss them lots! And now very worried about their health. 

Wanted to complain about how hot Taiwan was during my trip. It was 32-34 degree Celsius almost every day! So hot until we refused to shop much at night markets Lolz 

But I decided to say 'lucky I was at Taiwan for 4 days' since I heard about the haze condition. Laogong and I were looking out of the plane window wondering why we can't see Singapore. Usually we can see Singapore even at night because we are well-lit. When we stepped out of the airport and smelled the air, we thought to ourselves 'Shit!'

The haze is not only back but it had hit the new highest point :( Really hope this situation will get better soon. 

People are asking why we still need to work. I guess we cannot afford to affect the economy? I guess if schools have to close, we may even need to work harder. 

Most of us are staying awake as we know we may have a battle to fight tomorrow... But guess we need to rest even more so that we can fight harder! 

Share more about my two trips soon! 

Haha! It's all about the haze for now. 

Mummies do stay indoors with the children k? 

Nitez Nitez!

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