Monday, June 10, 2013

4 days more!!!

4 days more to my Taiwan trip!

Hahaha and we are still so unprepared! Last night, I listed out the 'must go' places and I was supposed to buy a map today! Haha but I was busy rushing work and ended up eat-in... 

I think it is very unlikely of me to stay this cool coz I am one of those who cannot stand 'uncertainty'. However I kept reminding myself it's ok and things will just work out. 

I was just telling my friends that as we grow older, we become too cautious and less adventurous when it comes to overseas travel. I remember my laogong and I used to go for impromptu trips before we got married. We would just hop onto any available bus from Larkin terminal to KL. We even took 30hrs of bus ride to BKK for our ROM trip in 2006. It was so exciting and everything was unpredictable. I guess as we have more to lose, we become too 'kiasi'. 

I will really hope we can relive our good old days during this trip :) 

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