Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good Old Days?!

Yea, I am describing those days when I had time to actively blog as my 'Good Old Days'.

People who know me, know that I love to 'talk', Hahaha, 'talk' in my blog.

Yes, I love to write so I guess this is the right hobby for me.

Those days when I was not working, I could blog almost every other day. I could also blog about every other thing. Now that I am in a 'sensitive' position, there a lot of topics I am not sure if I should blog about it, though I have much to say or share my thoughts about.

Well, I am grateful I have a stable and meaningful job. Though every other day, we may receive phone calls from screaming clients, I still feel grateful about it. Why? Coz it shows that people still care. It's because they care, that's why they are making noise. It's because they know things could be better, thus they try to give us feedback, hoping it helps to make things better. But often or not, they may not know how to put their messages across. They might have thought we would be defensive when they made feedback or gave 'suggestions', hence they tried to be nasty and push their luck.

Well, you really need not be nasty to us. We are just like you. An employee who hopes to find meaning in one's job and hope to make some difference in the industry. As much as you wish we can stand in your shoes to understand your concerns, please do try to stand in our shoes too to understand us too.

Hehe, I know I am not like other bloggers who have lots of pretty photos and a pretty blog layout. My blog is definitely very wordy, not many photos and plain layout. Hence I am really thankful and grateful to those who had 'followed' me since 2009. I hope to continue to write/blog and to share :) I hope you all can continue to watch my children grow up and watch me grow wiser :P

Loves all who read my blog ^^

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