Saturday, September 3, 2011

To Help Or Not To Help...

Sometimes, I really wonder whether we are helping the right people.

It seems that those who really need help, don't seem to be coming forward. It's either they refused to admit that they need help or they do not know the avenues to do so.

And the most shocking thing is, there may be people involved who know exactly what happened, but the fear of losing the placement or the job, hindered their conscience calls...

It's really sad to realise what the whole has become.

On one hand, there are cries for justice that we are not hearing from the ground. On the other hand, those who really need help prefer not to be helped / do not wish to rely on others' 'mercy' / ignorant of the avenues to request for help / fear of the consequences hence refused to step forward to ask for help.

It's really impossible to try to please everyone.

I guess if we intend to add value in others' lives, we should do it unconditionally. We should not have wished for 'thanks'. However, we cannot help but wish we are 'rewarded' with some form of appreciation whenever we resolved an issue/concern. After all, being in the front line is not easy. Many a time, we may even become the punching bag of those who are simply not happy with the 'system'.

I had been trying very hard to think positively and to see every setback as a new challenge to resolve. This ensures that I have the emotional strength and spiritual energy to face the oncoming waves........So far so good :D


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