Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jamie's Two Year Old Birthday Bash

Compared to last year, I am way out of schedule in the planning of Jamie's 2nd year birthday party.

But I am soooooo glad that I finally confirmed on the birthday bash venue.

Thank you to my brother and da sao for helping me to book their condo function room on 13 November from 10am to 3pm. I am now currently confirming the guestlist and programme schedule for the day.

Cakes? Yes, I am waiting to browse the catalogue for Pine Gardens. The cake we had last year was awesome!!! And hence, we are ordering from them again this year!

What's more, this year Jamie can celebrate both in school, at home and in a party!!! So there are lots more planning and coordinating to do...

Wanted to order the cupcake tiers but then it's WAY out of my budget for this year. The renovation drained us and hence I think we should reconsider about splashing the cash away again. Jamie's birthday bash is definitely very important to us! But I believe there are cheaper alternatives.

Hope to share more on my planning ;D

Lets see her pretty cake for last year...

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