Saturday, September 3, 2011

Arrival of the Terrible Twos

2 more months to Jamie's Two Year old party and I had yet planned anything!!!

Think this year will be something simple:
1. 5-7 Nov Long weekends: Family trip
2. 11 Nov: Celebration of Jamie's actual birthday in school and at inlaws house
3. 13 Nov: Playdate cum Birthday Party

Ermmm, I know it does not look very simple. But then, Jamie's birthday party will definitely not be as big scale as her First Birthday Party.

Apologize to all those who will not be included in the invitation list.

This round, only friends/relatives with children and close single/married (without kids) friends will be invited for her birthday party.

This is to allow friends/relatives who do not enjoy children's parties to reject the invitation too. So please let me know too if you will not wish to be included in the invitation list ^^

Venue for the birthday party had yet to be confirmed. Hoping to book the function room at my brother's place but the booking is subjected to availability. Since Jamie loves to swim, I had thought it will be fun for Jamie to have a swimdate cum birthday party with all her cousins and friends ^^ However, if the function room is out, then we need to find other alternative like a chalet with swimming pool etc or simply make do with a simple party at home.

Anyhow, it's time to start searching for nice birthday cakes for her school celebration and her birthday party ^^ And goodie bags too!!! OMG~

Take a look at how pretty and capable my Jamie has become :)

Picture 1: She is not afraid of big dogs even at close proximity
Picture 2: She loves to swim hence she loves dolphins too
Picture 3: She helped her Baba to assemble her new table and chairs!!!

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