Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jamie goes to School...

Jamie had since started school for 1 month. These days she no longer cries when I dropped her in school. And she seems to be learning lots of new things everyday! Most importantly... She can say so many more words now!

She will tell me she needs the 'towel' and 'diaper' for the bath.

She will also ask me 'Mic Mic go where' when she cannot find her Mickey Mouse.

There was one day she called my colleague's daughter by her name - Lycia... The other day she will try to express in a paragraph of baby language...

It was amusing to watch and listen to Jamie everyday :)

Sometimes I cannot help but feel a bit sad as I am now kinda of redundant. She no longer needs me for the essential chores. And now she does not need me to explore 'new lands' either. I have to find new roles to play in Jamie's life again. Sometimes I secretly feel I should take back my rights as a mother and take charge of Jamie fully again like when I had not started working :(


But well, I do not regret sending Jamie to school at such a young age. I feel that now she understands social norm more than children who undergo home-parenting till N2. Only when she learns to socialise and learns to understand there are some things that just don't seem right, she can start to be more conscious about what she does and says.

Of coz, some parents will feel there is no need to let Jamie be so conscious about her words and actions at such a young age, otherwise she may become too predictable.

I guess no matter what we do for the children, there must always be moderation and a morale of the story behind. Only then the children can understand adults' real intent and rationale behind a certain rule adults set.

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