Thursday, April 16, 2015

Plaza Brasserie - Crazy for Crayfish and Crab Buffet, Park Royal atBeach Road

This was round 3 of my month of feasting. Last year was my first time trying out the Ultimate Crab Feast at the same location with Qiushi. There were 14 different ways of cooking crabs. It was fabulous and we really enjoyed our meal! 

Last year's Ultimate Crab Feast!

So when Qiushi heard from ironladychef's blog that Plaza Brasserie is having a teaser for this year's Ultimate Crab Feast, she Jio-ed me right away! 

Unlike the actual feast in June, this teaser considered of crayfish cooked in many different ways and the four most preferred ways of cooking crabs!

This year's teaser! 

Compared to the crab only feast we had before, I actually like this teaser feast more. You can call me lazy or not an ultimate crab lover, but I prefer a variety of seafood in a buffet than just eating crabs... 

This teaser feast not only have crayfish and crabs, it also has oysters, scallops, prawns, sashimi, seafood soup  and desserts! 

Seafood soup with real crab meat

Two rounds of Oysters

I had at least 3 servings of sashimi! 

The famous Laksa with huge prawns

Big, thick and juicy crayfish! I had 3-4 servings of Crayfish cooked in hot beans, black beans, Thai basils, chili, white pepper and the all time favorite salted egg! I especially love the salted egg crayfish!

And my finale was black pepper crabs!!! 

Other than the good food, it was really nice catching up with Qiushi.

I always enjoyed hanging out and chatting with her because of her bubbly, confident and encouraging personalities. She is definitely someone who is full of positive energy! Chatting with her not only ease me from the stress I am going through, but also make me feel assured about my next venture in life. 

I thank every caring soul in my life :) and I will definitely go for more seafood with Qiushi in future again! Hahaha! 

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