Sunday, April 5, 2015

Home = Feel the Light

Once again, the Almighty had sent me a message via a movie. Really find this movie very meaningful, especially at this stage of my life. 

This song by Jennifer Lopez is about overcoming obstacles. It's very soothing and it speaks my mind.

Yes, I am feeling better now. Thanks everyone who had encouraged me and assured me of my character and capabilities. I am also grateful to many friends who had helped or are helping me to look out for a new job. 

I had spoken to many people these few days. Some had given me very good insights. Some had even answered my questions. Though it is hard truths, I appreciated the honest sharing. I always believe that only those who really care for me, will be honest to me and share their true thoughts with me.

I can now feel the light in the dark of the night :) All is not lost. What's important is I still have my friends who many I regard as my family too. 

This movie is suitable for the young and the old. But I think the young may only watch it as it is - funny and interesting as it talks about aliens and the unknown galaxy. As an adult, I derived more from the movie. If u have recently experienced some setbacks, you will definitely like the movie a lot like me. 

This movie had given me these insights:
1. All is not lost as long as you have your kins and loved ones with you. 

2. Count the little blessings we have. And try to put ourselves in others' shoes to understand others' point of views.

3. Do not see everything as it is. The Boo's enemy did not want to destroy them. He only wants his kins back as the captain has stolen his whole next generation away. The enemy in its real form is actually totally harmless and seven cute, hence it had to wear the armour to look frightful. So Don't judge people by his/her cover. Find out more before you judge. 

4. Don't believe everything you are told. Verify it to ensure the accuracy of the information shared. The Boos citizens didn't know they had been misinformed by the captain until Oh voiced his experiences. 

5. A good leader is NOT someone who is the first to run away/escape when your citizens/subjects are in danger. A good leader ensures safety for all his citizens/subjects even if it means endangering his/her own life. 

6. We do not stop trying as long as there is hope. Unlike the Boos who believe in running away or stop trying or submit to fate as long as there is less than 60% of succeeding in their attempts.

7. Mistakes are what makes us Humans. We learnt from mistakes and stand up after falling down. We do not give up trying. Our flaws are what makes us unique individuals.

8. U not being the same as the rest (mainstream) doesn't mean you are not as good as them. But it definitely means you may be better than the rest, be it in intelligence or character.

9. Don't be just task oriented and focus on busy working.We must have fun in our lives too! Live your lives!

10. The most dangerous place may actually be the safest place. We run towards danger to face our fears and solve our problems. By running away, your problems are not solved and may reoccur again in your next destinations. Fight your fears! Don't back down! Don't give up! 

Better catch the movie if you have yet to do so! 

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