Monday, April 20, 2015


Most of my close friends would have known that I am actively doing garage sale in the Carousell apps. 

I am not hoping to earn a profit from selling my Preloved and Unused loots but it's definitely a waste to throw the items away as they are all in good condition. I thought of donating them away too but am not sure if the receiving parties will find the items useful. I will prefer the next users are those who can truly appreciate the items they inherited/bought at a minimal cost.

Less than a year more to go before my Punggol flat can be sold or rented out. Hence, I am slowly digging out the "treasures" and putting them on garage sale too.

Happy Birthday to me and I am taking this opportunity to launch my new Lobangmama @ Carousell Facebook Page! I am having a 30-50% birthday  discount (kitchen appliances vs non-kitchen appliances) from 28-30 April 2015! So do help me spread the words k! I will put up the link onto the side bar of my blog soon too to link to my Carousell page ^^ 


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